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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About BAHA's Hockey Programs

See the sections below for the following:

  • General Membership Questions
  • Youth Hockey Questions
  • Adult Hockey Questions
  • Rink & Public Use Questions

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General Membership Questions

How can I sign up my child or myself to play hockey?
Youth and adult hockey registration is available on our website for the duration of each season’s registration period. Registration for the regular season typically runs from late August until early October. However, we take sign-ups for our Non-Travel Mountain League all season long.

When is hockey season in Bozeman?
The early Youth Hockey and Adult Hockey seasons start at the end of September and run until the end of October. The regular Adult Hockey season starts at the end of October and ends in mid-April. The regular Youth Hockey season also starts at the end of October and ends in early March.

How much does it cost to play hockey with BAHA?
BAHA strives to keep its prices reasonable and affordable in order to make hockey accessible to everyone in the community. Registration costs vary widely depending on the program and level of play desired. Please visit our Youth Programs & Prices and Adult Programs & Prices page for details. 

Where can I buy new or used hockey gear (adult or child) in Bozeman?
Here are a few places in the area that sell or buy used or new hockey equipment:

  • Play It Again Sports (1428 N. 15yh Ave.) buys and sells new and used hockey gear and sharpens skates.
  • Second Wind Sports (15 W. Olive Street) sells and consigns used hockey gear.
  • Summit Bike and Ski (26 S. Grand Avenue) sells hockey gear and sharpens skates.
  • Top Shelf Hockey (25B Shawnee Way) sells hockey gear and sharpens skates.

What is USA Hockey and why do I need to be a member to join BAHA?
USA Hockey is the governing body of hockey in the United States. BAHA’s youth teams and adult leagues are sanctioned by USA Hockey, so for insurance purposes, all participants in these programs must be registered members.  Only USA Hockey sanctioned events are covered (youth practices and games and Adult HHL games).  All other events are not covered by USA Hockey insurance (Puck Lunch, Stick & Puck, 3-on-3 tournaments, Public Skating, etc.).

What does it mean to be a BAHA Member?  BAHA Members are anyone who is registered on a youth or adult team.

How do I become a hockey referee?
Information about becoming a referee is available on the USA Hockey website. Follow the “Officials” link. For questions, please visit the Gallatin Hockey Officials' Association website.

How can I volunteer at the rink?
Talk to your team manager, your team captain, or contact the rink by phone at (406) 586-5557 to find a volunteer task appropriate for your skills. Additionally, we will send out emails to our mailing list and post updates on our Facebook page when group efforts are needed. Sign up for the mailing list on our homepage to make sure you receive our group emails. 

Youth Hockey Questions

How old does my child need to be in order to play hockey?
Youth programs include termite (4-6) through high school levels. For more information, please visit our Youth Hockey page.

Does my child need prior experience to play hockey with BAHA?
Not at all! Our programs accommodate children with all levels of experience. However, we do recommend that children brand-new to hockey enroll in the Learn to Skate program.

What gear does my child need to play hockey? 
Youth players must wear all necessary protective gear, including helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards, gloves, and a protective cup. PeeWee and above players must also use a mouth guard. Although optional, all players are encouraged to wear a neck guard.

Does my child have to travel in order to play hockey with BAHA?
No. BAHA offers a Youth non-travel league (Mountain League) for young players not interested in or not able to travel for games. This league is for players ages 9 - 18. For more information, visit the Mountain League page.

Does BAHA offer any pickup hockey for youths?
Youth pickup hockey is occasionally scheduled in unused ice slots. See our Rink Schedule to check for scheduled times throughout the season.

Can I rent hockey equipment for my child?
Yes, if your child competes in the Mite or Termite programs (ages 4–8). BAHA participates in USA Hockey’s OneGoal Equipment Program. OneGoal is designed to encourage participation in hockey by providing high-quality and conveniently packaged gear including everything except skates and a stick. The equipment is sized for children ages 6–8 and includes junior small shoulder pads, pants (breezers), elbow pads, 10-inch shin guards, gloves, and a small adjustable helmet.

BAHA has purchased 20 sets of OneGoal equipment that is available to our Mite and Termite families, one per family, on a first come, first served basis. Cost for a OneGoal equipment set is $40 for the season. Visit our OneGoal Equipment Request page to fill out a rental application.

What are my responsibilities as the parent of a child who participates in BAHA’s programs?
BAHA relies significantly on volunteer labor for many aspects of operation in order to keep our fees reasonable and affordable. Parents with children in the Youth League are responsible for staffing the concession stand during Icedogs and youth games at least once a season. In addition, the operations director will send emails throughout the season when volunteer help is needed. Please help when you can!

Where can I find the practice schedule for the season?
Visit the individual team pages on the Youth Teams page for specific schedule information.

Is there a girls-only hockey program?
Yes, BAHA has two  girls’ hockey teams There is a 14U and 19U team designed for girls aging out of the youth Squirt level that want to continue playing competitive hockey. These teams compete in the Northern Rocky Mountain Girls Hockey League and travel to tournaments throughout Montana and Idaho once a month. There is an additional fee to attend tournaments. For more information about our girls’ league, contact Dave Weaver at 

Why don’t the Mite and Termite teams have set schedules?
Unlike Squirt and above BAHA teams (with the exception of the Youth House League), Mite and Termite teams do NOT participate in the MAHA Treasure State League. This means their schedules are not determined by MAHA prior to the season start.. It is the responsibility of Mite and Termite team managers to individually schedule games and set a schedule for their respective teams.

Who can I contact about becoming a youth hockey coach with BAHA?
Visit our Coaching Resources page to find a coaching application, screening guidelines, and resources for those interested in coaching youth hockey.

Adult Hockey Questions

Do I need to be experienced in order to play hockey with BAHA?
Not at all! Men and women over the age of 18 have many opportunities to learn and play the great game of hockey, including beginners. Haynes Hockey League levels include Novice (D3), Intermediate (VHW), Rec, and Power leagues. Intro to Hockey coached skill sessions are also available, as are Learn to Skate & Hockey Techniques classes. For more information, visit our Adult Programs & Prices page.

How do I get on an adult team if I am new to the program?
When you fill out the registration form, please select "unassigned" to indicate that you are new to the league. You will be placed on a team that needs players of your skill level.

How do I know how to rate my skill level as a player?
Please take a look at our Skill Level Guidelines to read descriptions of each skill level.  Make your best guess, and our coaches will make adjustments during the season if necessary.

What equipment do I need to play hockey?
We encourage players to wear all necessary protective gear on the ice. That includes a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards, gloves, breezers (pants), and cups. Full-face masks are also wise. However, our only requirement is that players wear a helmet at all times while playing hockey.

What is the Hocktober Scramble?
Hocktober Scramble is our early season program, beginning in September and ending in October. Teams play two games per week for a duration of approximately five weeks. Players are grouped into teams accommodating two levels of play instead of four, so there is a wider range of skill levels within these teams than in regular-season teams.

Is there a women-only adult hockey program or team?
Due to limited ice availability, the HHL leagues are all coed, with more than 50 women currently active across all levels of play. However, BAHA’s women players do form teams that travel to and host tournaments throughout the season. Specifically, the Weasels Women’s Hockey Team travels to two or three tournaments a year and hosts a local women's tournament called the "Get Lucky Cup." The women’s teams also occasionally rent the ice during the season to play against one of the older men’s teams or the girls’ team. For more information about the Weasels Women’s Hockey Team, please contact Julie Keck at

Does BAHA offer any pickup hockey?
Yes. Puck Lunch is an adult (18+) pickup hockey game that takes place every Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. See the Puck Lunch page for details, costs, and times. Additional adult pickup hockey games are occasionally scheduled in unused ice slots during the regular season. See the Rink Schedule for specific times.

General Rink and Public Use Questions

Is the rink at Haynes Pavilion open to the public for ice skating?
Yes, BAHA opens the rink to public skating on most Saturdays during the regular season from 12:00 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. Additional public skate times are occasionally offered throughout the season. See the Rink Schedule for dates and times. Skate rental is available at the rink for $5 per pair during public skating hours.

Can I rent the ice for a private party or special event?
The ice rink at Haynes Pavilion is available to rent when it is not being used for any of our other skating programs. Short-term rates are approximately $200 per hour, which includes a 10-minute ice resurface.  To learn more about private ice rental, visit this page.

I lost an item while visiting the ice at Haynes Pavilion. Who should I contact?
If you recently lost an item at Haynes Pavilion and would like our help in finding it, please send a message to Julie at with a description and/or photo of the item along with your contact information. We will do what we can to help you find it.

Can I play Puck Lunch if I’m not a BAHA member?
Yes. Puck Lunch is open to the public for $14 per session. Please check in with the rink attendant in the snack bar located inside the warm room. See our Puck Lunch page for details and times.

How do I file an injury claim with USA Hockey?
Go to the USA Hockey website and follow the links “About USAH” and “Insurance Risk Management.” Much of the important information about filing a claim is listed under “FAQ.” If your question is not answered there, contact the Northern Plains District Risk Manager, who can be found in the “Risk Manager Directory" section of the USA Hockey site.

When will BAHA have a year-round rink?
Soon, we hope! The Gallatin Ice Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fundraising for a year-round rink. To learn more about the project and make a donation, visit the Gallatin Ice Foundation website.

How do I get a business banner to show support for building a second rink in Bozeman?
Please contact the Gallatin Ice Foundation. Thank you!