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History of the Haynes Pavillion

Haynes Pavilion Story

The story of the funding and construction of the Haynes Pavilion in Bozeman captures the spirit and teamwork of the community itself.

Starting with a dream of building a refrigerated ice rink, the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association (BAHA), The City of Bozeman, and Gallatin County were joined by area businesses in constructing the area’s first outdoor pavilion and refrigerated ice rink. The year-round recreational facility, which took less than a year to construct, is now valued at more than $1 million but required less than one-quarter of that in public funding. The project was made possible largely by the hard work and generous contributions of BAHA volunteer labor, area suppliers, and specialized services.

So successful was the effort to build the pavilion, that the players of the National Hockey League through the NHLPA Goals and Dreams Fund contributed $60,000 toward completion of the refrigerated flooring system and mechanical rooms. Local banks rallied to help hammer home warming rooms in time for the season.

In it’s first year, the pavilion and rink accounted for more than a quadrupling the number of skating days available in the city. The youth hockey program doubled in size, and new programs were launched, including a girls hockey program. And now with warm weather coming, the pavilion is being used for diverse activities such as roller-blading, concerts, and markets.

Improvements to the pavilion continue; additional changing rooms and restrooms are being added, again mostly with volunteer labor and materials, but also with public support. Landscaping and viewing improvements will follow.

So what’s the glue that holds it all together? As we see it, a community good is a community good. And this community—with all of its ideas, talent, and collaboration--is great!